Add Facebook page to wordpress

Add Facebook page to wordpressFacebook today is the most popular medium to reach out to the masses and keep yourself connected to your followers. We will now see how to create Facebook page and further add it to your wordpress.

1) Create a facebook page

Login to your facebook account and go to, fill up relevant information and create a new facebook page. If you already have a facebook page, go to the next step



2) Create HTML for your wordpress

Go to and fill up (Facebook Page URL, Width, Height, Your post stream etc) details and click on “Get Code”.

Facebook like box code

Once you have done that, it will create necessary code. Select <iframe> option and copy the code now.


3) Integrate Facebook like box in wordpress

Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearances -> Widgets and add “Text” widget wherever you want Facebook like box to appear on your website. Copy and paste iframe like box code here, thats it.

Add Facebook Like Box To WordPress


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