Apple’s Products in Pipeline – News and Rumors Roundup

The year 2012 saw a host of new tablets and smartphones from Apple being introduced in the market. This year round as well, the company has a number of new and innovative products which are sure to cause as much excitement among Apple aficionados.

Some of these include:

  • Free Radio Service
  • iPad MINI with Retina Display
  • A new Operating System
  • iPhone 5
  • Apple Television

Scheduled to make their way into markets in the coming months, It was rumored that these launches will begin from March and will extend to November 2013.

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Free Radio Service from Apple

It was in early March, that Apple reported that they were partnering with Beats Audio to introduce new streaming music service to take on competitors such as Pandoras and Spotify. Apple will benefit through this partnership as they will gain a new revenue channel on iTunes while where Beats is concerned, it is an introduction into the market for digital products and services.  Talks are however delayed, but confirmed to be underway and Apple could be launching access to music from all devices soon.

Apple iPad MINI with Retina Display

Apple iPad mini will have a stunning display with the following features:

  • 5 Chip
  • Facetime HD Camera
  • iSight camera having facility of video recording up to 1080p HD
  • Wireless
  • 7.9” display
  • LED backlit technology

A total of 300,000 apps which can be availed from any of the App Stores.

The iPad Mini comes with perfect dimensions. It is scheduled to fit comfortably in the palm of a hand and be exceedingly light and unbelievably thin, fitting into smallest of spaces. Apple will be shipping this iPad mini with retina display by mid or end of 2013 while pixel count is slated to be at 2,048 x 1,536 ppi.

Apple iOS 7

Is scheduled for release by middle of 2013, though there are no specifications or any details on hardware or software revealed as to date.  In the meanwhile, Apple has released its new iOS 6.1 which work to an advantage when it comes to:

  • LTE support for additional carriers
  • iTunes Match subscribers are now capable of downloading songs from iCloud
  • Purchase of movie tickets with Fandango via Siri
  • iOS 6.1 can be downloaded via Settings – Software Updates section on Apple devices or through plug in to iTunes

Apple iPhone 5S

Is rumored for June 2013 release even as the Apple iPhone 5 has just made its entry. It is expected to be seen in a range of unique colors, introduced for the first time in this segment. Apple itself has however, not revealed any details on the subject and will be restraining itself from making any such disclosures till the company formally unveils the handset.

If the information received is correct, the iPhone 5S should head into production later this month with the new handset making its way into markets in June 2013. According to reports, the iPhone 5S will possess higher resolution where its display is concerned as compared to iPhone 5. It is scheduled to come in with new Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide material while storage capacity is pegged at 128 GB which is highly enhanced from the 64 GB seen on the iPhone 5.

Apple Television

Is scheduled for release in November 2013. It is alleged that there will only be one size of Apple TV at the time of launch and is expected to be in either 40 or 42 inch with more details still under wraps.

Apple iWatch

Apple is also working on its own wristwatch which is believed to be launched during this year. Features which are still under speculation could include making calls, viewing caller ID and offer a variety of health benefits which could include heart rate, a built in pedometer and biometric feedback.


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