Break Windows XP and Windows Vista Password

Disclaimer: Following details are for training and information purpose only and not to be used in live business environment.

Don’t worry, even I don’t care about above disclaimer 🙂

This is the easiest and coolest way for figuring out passwords in XP and Vista. Resetting of password is kinda easy, but figuring out other users password is slightly difficult. So this is what you need to do, download and install ophcrach from following URL:

Further you will need relevant raibow tables. Each of the tables contains perfect rainbow tables, to begin with you can download XP Small, this table set is made of 4 perfect rainbow tables with an initial number of 350’000’000 chains. At length 10000 there are about 15’400’000 perfect chains left. Each table has a success rate of 85.2%, resulting in 99.95% of success rate for the table set.

XP Fast (701.9 MB) –

XP Small (370.8 MB) –

Vista (530.6 MB) –

Once you have done this, you are ready to go with your first password breaking experiment.

Run ophcrack file and load SAM file with samdump2. If you use pwdump6, your antivirus might prompt you for virus activity.



You should be seeing all user accounts of your computer in the main window as shown below. Now click on “Tables” in top Bar.




Select the “Rainbow Table” which you downloaded earlier, in my case, I download XP Free Small


Browse to the folder where you extracted your downloaded “Tables”.



Click on “OK” and further click on “Crack” in the top bar. Now sit back and relax it will take few mins before ophcrack figures out your password with brute force.



It took 1 min 45sec for my 12 char, 2 int, 2 special character password to appear on screen. May god have mercy on Windows users.

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