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Course Management SystemWikipedia: “E-learning includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching, including educational technology. The information and communication systems, whether networked learning or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process.[1] This often involves both out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology, even as advances continue in regard to devices and curriculum. Abbreviations like CBT (Computer-Based Training), IBT (Internet-Based Training) or WBT (Web-Based Training) have been used as synonyms to e-learning.”

E-learning is becoming more and more important and so is the requirement for various institutes/ colleges/ schools to have the right tool to deliver the content. E-learning’s share in education sector is increasing exponentially across the globe. Firstly we need to see why E-learning is becoming more and more popular. There are lot of advantages that you get when you take your courses/ classes /content online. Just to list a few

  • You are no longer restricted by face to face to communication and can distribute content on the fly.
  • Your content gets organized and easy to access
  • Can have various business models around content
  • Courses/Contents gets standardized

Now once you realize that it is useful for your business, next question is how do we deliver the content. That’s when “Course Management Systems” come handy. Course Management Systems/E Learning systems are extremely useful if you are:

  • Education institute and wants to monetize your content or looking for alternate ways to deliver courses
  • School / College who wants to make your content available to students after school
  • Want to conduct online quizzes / test etc
  • Organize / align / restrict your content or course usage
  • Reach to the masses

Moodle is an open source tool which can make your life whole lot easier. It is free and requires linux, php and mysql to run. You can download it from . Once you have downloaded it, it might take approx 30 mins for you to set it up on a linux system. It has plenty of features which can help you in designing, organizing, editing  courses and content . Some of the many things that it will let you do are

  • Configure basic structure
  • Schedule cron jobes
  • Authentication
  • Managing accounts
  • Enrolments
  • Roles and permissions
  • Site appearance
  • Manage Courses
  • Editing Courses
  • Create and Edit Activities
  • Create and Edit Questions
  • Create and Edit Course enrolment
  • Tracking progress
  • Reusing activities
  • Manage content
  • Create Repositories
  • Create Portfolios
  • Working with media
  • Plagiarism prevention

Happy Moodling …


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