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Data loss is a nightmare for every IT professionals. It may be part of your office network or your home computers, information may be important or general; but rebuilding all the files is a massive job and at times impossible. It you are running a network for more than 5 years, chances are that you must be having few TBs of data. However a single disk crash can break your business or put you behind few years.


Few of the reasons for data loss can be due to one of the following or combination of events

  • Accidental delete
  • Overwrite of original file
  • Computer viruses
  • Formatting of partition
  • Deletion of partition
  • Corruption of firmware/file allocation table
  • Physical damage to disk

No matter how much you try to avoid data loss, once in a while you will have to face when your data gets deleted or your disk gets crashed completely. All IT personnel must have faced similar situation and that’s when TestDisk comes handy. Its a free software and highly reliable and useful (wont work if testdisk cant detect your disk due to physical damage). You can download it from following URL:

Its just not for computer harddisk data recovery but can also be used for Memory card data recovery (Called PhotoRec). Some of the features of testdisk are

  • Extremely reliable.
  • Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
  • Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
  • Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector
  • Fix FAT tables
  • Rebuild NTFS boot sector
  • Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
  • Fix MFT using MFT mirror
  • Locate ext2/ext3/ext4 Backup SuperBlock
  • Undelete files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem
  • Copy files from deleted FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions.

Download it and run “testdisk_win.exe”. Connect your damaged disk using USB connector to your working computer where you have testdisk (IDE to USB and SATA to USB connectors are cheap and are easily available). If you have deleted some files from your running computer then just go on, no need for USB connectors.

data recovery from


Select the harddisk that you want data recovery to happen.

how to recovery data

Make the necessary selection in the next step for parition type and make further menu selection based on the problem you are facing. Drop me an email if you are not able to resolve :). Happy to help.

It’s always good to avoid data loss, you can follow some of the practices to avoid data loss

  • Regular backups
  • Strong backup policy
  • Backup rotations
  • Replace disks once in 3 years
  • Offshore backups
  • Buy disks for which parts (like head) are easily available. Western Digital disk have this major problem that every small shipment has different different head and it wont be available in market.

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